What Is Pedestal Node Finance and How Does It Work?

Pedestal Node Finance is proud to announce the launch of its “Nodes as a Service” (NaaS) offering. This initiative makes it possible for anyone, no matter their technical background, to create a full blockchain node in a few seconds.

Pedestal Node Finance will present multiple competitive advantages to its prospective investors and early adopters.

By being part of a community-driven, decentralized protocol like Pedestal Node Finance, you will stand on a solid foundation with a passive income potential that is rare.

Through Pedestal Node Finance, you can create your own blockchain nodes and generate passive income by simply holding the Pedestal Token. No need for powerful ASIC miners or expensive electricity bills to become a passive income earner.

Our NaaS allows anyone to set up their own node on the Avalanche C-Chain in a few minutes by providing a name and description for their node. It’s so easy that even your grandparents could do it.

What Should You Do Right Now?

It’s as simple as XYZ:

To create your own node on Pedestal Node Finance using our NaaS protocol, a contribution of 10 Pedestal tokens to the Pedestal Node Finance community is required to participate in rewards.

Buy Pedestal Tokens and own a node or nodes, then sit back and collect mouth-watering rewards daily like never before.

To stay accurately informed and more...

  1. Website
  2. Discord
  3. Twitter
  4. Facebook:

We are going to make holding Pedestal Node tokens a rewarding experience. Moreover, we have some exciting announcements coming soon.

Stay tuned…




Community Driven DeFi Protocol

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Community Driven DeFi Protocol

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